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Resonate Recordings offers all-in-one podcast services for business and storytellers.

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Digital Citizen Podcast
Honda Stories podcast
Icons in the Making
Making Madden podcast
The Intuitive Customer
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Why start a podcast?

A quick message from our CEO.

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It's not just a podcast.
It's a content marketing engine.

One podcast enables loads of value driven content across so many platforms.

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Managing a podcast can be overwhelming, Resonate makes it easy.

Podcasting by yourself

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Podcasting with Resonate

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    Clear step-by-step process

  • cover art icon

    Professional cover art

  • rss feed icon

    Simple hosting

  • microphone icon

    Equipment recommendations

  • video icon

    Remote Recording support

  • editing, mixing, and mastering icon

    Editing, mixing, and mastering

  • instagram icon

    Social media marketing kits

  • Show note writing icon

    Show notes you can repurpose

  • music icon

    Music and sound effects

Resonate has made my life
so much easier.

Payne Lindsey, Host of Up & Vanished 

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No matter your budget,
we have you covered.

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À la carte

Best for flexibly scaling up and down based on your needs.

  • Budget option

  • What you need, when you need it

  • Chat support

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Best for individuals and businesses creating consistently.

  • Everything you need to grow

  • Get in a rhythm

  • Dedicated support

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Custom packages

Best for corporations and highly produced shows. 

  • Build your perfect package

  • Collab with multiple departments

  • Dedicated support

They go the extra mile to create content that embodies the vision of the episodes I write.

Delia D’Ambra-Wheeler, Host of CounterClock

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Our Work

We’ve had the honor of working on hundreds of shows, including 16 that hit #1 in Apple Podcasts and hundreds that have impacted businesses.

Digital Citizen Podcast
Honda Stories podcast
Icons in the Making
Making Madden podcast

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